Blackmore’s Night - Again Someday

“Now you’re gone
We’re left to carry on
Though the night seems twice as long
And here within my heart
I don’t feel very strong
But we will meet again
Now you’re gone
We’re left to carry on
In the wind I hear your song
With every passing hour
I’m feeling more alone
But we will meet again
Blackmore’s Night - Again [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Village on the Sand

“I saw three ships a-sailing in from across the sea
Strangers ne’er were welcome but for curiosity
But come they did and when they did ready they did stand
And things would never be the same in our Village on the Sand…
When the ships pulled in to dock the villagers did hide
When trouble [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Benzai-Ten

“When the sun sets over cherry blossom skies
And the twilight fills the air
You can see the snow on the mountaintops
Through the veil of old Japan…
On an island lead by all the ancient ways
Just a million miles from here
And yet it seems like only yesterday
That her song rang out so clear…
Sister [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Praetorius (Courante)

Blackmore’s Night - Praetorius (Courante) – 1:57
Album: Fires at Midnight / Огни в полночь (2001)

Blackmore’s Night - Waiting Just for You

“They say that it’s always darkest right before the dawn
They say that I must be strong just to carry on
But they don’t know that I would wait my whole lifetime through
Because you know, my love, that I’d be waiting just for you…
There you stood, amazing shining for the whole world [...]

Blackmore’s Night - All Because of You

“Is this happening? Is this fantasy?
Never did I believe
There could be such happiness
Feels like nothing on earth
Started with one little kiss…
I could stay in this moment forever
I could reach every star in the sky
I could lose myself when I look
Into your eyes…
Is this happening? Is this fantasy?
All my dreams coming [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Mid Winter’s Night

(1st part in Provencial French)
“The bells are ringing
On Mid Winters Night
The moon sets all alone
And once again I try to sleep before the morning light
Too soon the sun will come a-calling over the hills in our little town
Too soon the snow will start falling over the world without a sound
While [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Storm

“A timeless and forgotten place,
The moon and sun in endless chase
Each in quiet surrender
As the other reigns the sky…
The midnight hour begins to laugh
A summer evening’s epitaph,
The winds are getting crazy
As the storm begins to rise…
Wild were the winds that came
In the thunder and the rain
Nothing ever could contain
The rising [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Hanging Tree

“There have been many tales
Tainted by truth twisted by time…
Some choose to forget
Yet it still
Weaves webs in their minds…
And it seems like she’s been here forever
Her branches as black as the seas
She’s been through it all
By the luck of the draw
She became the old hanging tree…
She asked for nothing
Except maybe
A [...]

Blackmore’s Night - Crowning of the King

“Down in the village streets
The air is full of wonder
Fair smiles greet
The crowning of the king…
Come hither, gather round
A joyous time’s upon us
Trumpets sound
The crowning of the king…
Fast away the olde
Time too quickly passes
Shine the light of new
For the crowing of the king…
Come forth those who wish
For change and change [...]

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