ABBA - Fernando / Фернандо (текст и перевод)

“Can you hear the drums Fernando?
I remember long ago another starry night like this
In the firelight Fernando
You were humming to yourself and softly strumming your guitar
I could hear the distant drums
And sounds of bugle calls were coming from afar

ABBA - Two for the price of one / Две по цене одной (текст и перевод)

“He had what you might call a trivial occupation
He cleaned the platforms of the local railway station
With no romance in his life
Sometimes he wished he had a wife
He read the matrimonial advertising pages
The cries for help from different people, different ages

ABBA - Soldiers / Солдаты (текст и перевод)

“Do I hear what I think I’m hearing?
Do I see the signs I think I see?
Or is this just a fantasy?
Is it true that the beast is waking
Stirring in his restless sleep tonight
In the pale moonlight
In the grip of this cold December
You and I have reason to remember

ABBA - When all is said and done / Когда всё сказано и сделано (текст и перевод)

“Here’s to us one more toast and then we’ll pay the bill
Deep inside both of us can feel the autumn chill
Birds of passage, you and me
We fly instinctively
When the summer’s over and the dark clouds hide the sun
Neither you nor I’m to blame when all is said and done

ABBA - The visitors / Посетители (текст и перевод)

“I hear the doorbell ring and suddenly the panic takes me
The sound so ominously tearing through the silence
I cannot move, I’m standing
Numb and frozen
Among the things I love so dearly
The books, the paintings and the furniture
Help me

ABBA - The way old friends do / Способ общения старых друзей (текст и перевод)

“You and I can share the silence
Finding comfort together
The way old friends do
And after fights and words of violence
We make up with each other
The way old friends do

ABBA - The piper / Волынщик (текст и перевод)

“They came from the hills
And they came from the valleys and the plains
They struggled in the cold
In the heat and the snow and in the rain
Came to hear him play
Play their minds away

ABBA - Me and I / Я и я (текст и перевод)

“Sometimes when I’m mad
There’s a part of me that seems to be a little sad
Sometimes when I scream
There’s a voice in me that says, “You shouldn’t be so mean”
Oh no, oh no
Part of me is acting while the other stands beside
Yes, I am to myself what Jekyll must have been [...]

ABBA - Andante, andante / Анданте, анданте (текст и перевод)

“Take it easy with me, please
Touch me gently like a summer evening breeze
Take your time, make it slow
Andante, Andante
Just let the feeling grow

ABBA - On and on and on / Не останавливайся (текст и перевод)

“I was at a party and this fella said to me
“Something bad is happening, I’m sure you do agree
People care for nothing, no respect for human rights
Evil times are coming, we are in for darker nights”
I said, “Who are you to talk about impending doom?”

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