Discography Mika

Album: Life in Cartoon Motion 2007
01. Grace Kelly / Грейс Келли— 3:09
02. Lollipop / Леденец — 3:05
03. My Interpretation / Моя интерпретация — 3:37
04. Love Today / Любите сегодня — 3:57
05. Relax, Take it Easy / Расслабься, относись к этому проще — 4:32
06. Any Other World / какой-то другой мир — 4:21
07. Billy Brown / [...]

Mika - Kick ass / Пипец

“We are young
We are strong
We’re not looking for where we belong
We’re not cool
We are free
And we’re running with blood on our knees

Mika - Toy Boy

“I’m a wind-up toy in an up down world
If you leave me all alone, I’ll make a mess for sure
I’ve a heart of gold in the smallest size
Leave me in the dark, you’ll never hear me cry

Mika - Lover Boy / Влюбленный

“Loverboy, any boy
Isn’t it enough, isn’t it enough just to feel wild and free?
Cought up in the rough, cought up in the rough of life, looking at me
You think you’re in love boy

Mika - Pick Up Off The Floor

“There’s a girl, thought she knew,
What her life was going to do,
Then she goes, and falls in love and throws it all away.

Mika - One Foot Boy

“What’s a matter
With going places?
Take that gross look off your faces
Empty loving makes me seasick

Mika - By The Time

“Don’t wake up, won’t wake up, can’t wake up,
No, don’t wake me up
Don’t wake up, won’t wake up, can’t wake up,
No, don’t wake me up

Mika - Touches You

“When you’ve had enough and you need somebody to know
When you’re looking tough but you need a way to let it go
Come on now, what’s a boy s’posed to do
When I can’t seem to leave you alone

Mika - Good Gone Girl

“Could you believe
The same old story
Yeah it never bores me, though I’ve heard it all before
Her name was Georgia

Mika - Blue Eyes

“Your heart is broken
To your surprise
You’re sick of crying
For blue eyes

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