Lauren Christy - River Of Time

“I saw the river today and it made me feel okay,
But I never ever had a lot to say,
Reading a book take a look at a boat go by,
oh, oh, oh, oh I sigh -

Lauren Christy - Meet Me In America

“Sure as the wind blows, we will meet in America
Sure as the sun will keep shining, we will meet in America
When you sleep tight, for me it’s the morning light
So I’ll cross these waters to be with you in America
Such a long, long time since I’ve been to America
So sleep [...]

Lauren Christy - You Read Me Wrong

“Well I admit, I tell white lies
And I admit, I dramatize everything hat I do
Well, I admit, I am headstrong
And I admit, I act too young
But for the bad in me, there’s good to offer you

Lauren Christy - Steep

“Softly, gently, I will let you down
Cause I don’t love you in the same way now
I can hold you but not with lover’s arms
Cause you are more of a brother to me now
And I can lie next to you, but I can’t lie to you

Lauren Christy - The Color Of The Night / Цвет ночи

“You and I moving in the dark
Bodies close but souls apart
Shadowed smiles and secrets unrevealed
I need to know the way you feel

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