Laleh - Discography

Album: Laleh (2005)
1.  Invisible (My Song) / Невидимость – 4:18
2.  Live Tomorrow / Жить завтра – 3:37
3.  Forgive But Not Forget  – 3:11
4.  Interlude  – 1:10
5.  Hame Baham / All together  – 3:46
6.  Bostadsansokan / Housing Application – 3:38
7.  Kom Tilda / Come Tilda – 4:09
8.  Storebror / Big Brother– 4:04
9.  Tell Me  – 3:43
10.  Salvation  – 4:11
11.  How Wrong  [...]

Laleh - Svalorna / The Swallows

“Har du hört vad dom säger,
ameh vad dom säger
om en ny

Laleh - Farda

“Meeshod did o dam nazad
Fardaye gom shodeh
Bezar peeshet bemonam
Ta bedonam koja beram

Laleh - History

“Love help us see
and compare ourselves with eternity
and no and no
power no man,
could go to history
when there´s no time.”
Laleh - History – 1:00
Album: Me and Simon (2009)

Laleh - Nation

“I don’t need no evidence
I’ve got my self confidence
So you don’t have to say a word
You don’t need to judge this girl

Laleh - The End

“I might as well admit it
I fell for your letters and your smile
and when you stopped smiling I stopped hoping.
And we didn’t say what we feel,
we both knew the end was close
and saying nothing is almost like lying.

Laleh - Go Go

“The steps that we take
The steps that we take
The steps that we take
The steps that we take
well I’m lost in the drums
and I’m lost in the base
and I’m lost in the girl with a cute face

Laleh - Roses

“I will listen in stereo
I’m here
I’m here
it was longtime ago
someone whispered in my ears
and Sevy says she knows me
I wont stay
I wont stay
and she might know me well
but not today, I hope
and this time I’ll be brave
along the clouds
but it takes time to say
here you are

Laleh - Lär Mig Om / Teach Me About

“Föddes på gator och torg
Noga med nycklar och jargong.
Skogen från något nära håll
har jag väl sett,
någon enstaka gång.

Laleh - Bjurö Klubb

“Jag var ute på Bjurö Klubb och jag tittade på stranden
Och vågorna krålade och jag vada in i natten
O ja, jag var en vinnare runt vattnet
O ja, jag var en vinnare

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