Daniel Powter - My So Called Life

“Running late, in my hit at my coffee table
then I run out of gas
I heard the count but ended up in the middle of nowhere
and someone stole all my cash
oh what a tango way by wave
I’ve got no tricks that left on my sleeves
I’ve tossed my head into the rain
I’ve got it bad
you’ve got it [...]

David Tavaré - Discography

Album / Альбом: La Vida Viene Y Va (2008)
1. Hot Summer Night (3:07)
2. Summer Love (3:21)
3. La Vida Viene Y Va (3:20)
4. Centerfold (3:09)
5. Keep On Movin’ (3:31)
6. If You Don’t Know My Name (You Can Call Me Baby) (3:46)
7. Stay With Me Tonight (3:53)
8. Solo Tu (4:23)
9. En La Oscuridad (3:20)
10. I Never Go [...]

David Tavaré - Can You Feel The Love Tonight


“When the sun is gone
Hiding through the hills
And the night is coming
Magic, dark and chill
There is something blowing
Out from the wind
Oh yeah

David Tavaré - Solo Tú

“Darada Darada Daradarararara (Oh Baby)
Darada Darada Daradarara (Hold My Body C’mon Hold My Body)
Darada Darada Daradarararara (Solo Tu)
Darada Darada Daradarara (Hold My Body C’mon Hold My Body)

David Tavaré - Centerfold

“Na nana na…
It’s not a crime being rich and skinny
They call me blind, I don’t give a thing
Contigo es siempre como una aventura
y cada día me vas a sorprender

David Tavaré - La Vida Viene Y Va

“La vida viene y va
who wants to live forever
la vida viene y va
the time is now or never
la vida viene y va

David Tavaré - Hot Summer Night

“Ooh… Oh Laaa…
Wanna baby
And everybody say
Oh Lalala lalala oh lalala!
Oooooh! OhLaaa!
And everybody say
Singing, Oooooh! OhLaaa!
Here we are
So celebratre a party
In this hot summer night
Where the moon is shining bright
Everybody is gonna have fun tonight

David Tavaré - Call me baby / Называй меня крошкой

“Hey, are we going out
of course, no doubt
let’s celebrate the disco night
and while my friends
pick another dance
an angel fly down from the sky

David Tavaré - Summer Love / Летняя любовь

“Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Yeahh
Na Na Na Na Na Na
In a while,
Baby, you remember?
When we meet on the beach?
When you showed me the way.
From that day,
We always be together,
In our hearts, in our minds,
Nothing can throw it away.

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