Daniel Powter - Negative Fashion

“A teenager’s dream is on the sea
Came to blows your mind
Drop the way for goodness safety
To make the recover just on time
Leave your excess baggage
All they can resell
You hope to stay you long enough
For anyone to tell

Daniel Powter - Stupid Like This

“Well I don’t know what to do when things go wrong
And it’s a hopeless situation
God knows how
And I know
And I find
Some peace of mind

Daniel Powter - Love You Lately

“You packed your last two bags, the taxi’s round the bend
You used to laugh out loud, but you can’t remember when
You lost your lines, it’s like you’re moving out of time
And the whole world crumbles right beneath you

Daniel Powter - Give Me Life

“Right directions, I got problems with your friends
understand my point of view
and I´m not bothered I break before I bend
give me life, give me life, for wat I do.
I can´t remember if everythings the same
and what you think that I should be
you pushed me backwards, I played the stupid game
give me life, give me life, [...]

Daniel Powter - Lost on the Stoop

“Shed off and peal
I’m in no shape or form
You’re just a reject coming down for more
When two are receiven, you know I could be there
Soon you’re laughing, soon you’re laughing my way

Daniel Powter - Hollywood

“Hey, this could be cool
Cause we could be together, but nothing lasts forever.
Me, I’ll be your fool
Pick you up when you fall down
And you are cross the dancefloor
Let me buy you a drink or two
And you could be my star for weekends
Do you like your Hollywood?
As far as I’m concerned, the lesson’s been learned
At least [...]

Daniel Powter - Styrofoam

“I try real folling
Sixteen are you still
I try I come back if i could
I’m faking on the weekends
Edu ex-boyfriend when he died
Be a long you understood

Daniel Powter - Jimmy Gets High

“Jimmy you know, everybody hates you when you’re living off rock ‘n roll
So you get high tonight
And Jimmy you lied, I wonder if you ever get yourself back here alive
So you get high tonight

Daniel Powter - Lie to Me

“I knew this girl named Detroit Cool
That moved up in my block
At six foot two and knee socks high
The class of 80 rocks
She got hips that sway for you
She got legs that never really stop

Daniel Powter - Suspect

“Take me down …
Tonight, I’ll walk
Sit down and let me know my rights
Tell about, tell about someone else
I know it, I know it
This time is suspect there are
I talk and give me you the time
And spare time and talk with me
I don’t ready think you go so suddenly
I don’t know, I go to think about [...]

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