Daniel Powter - Discography

Album / Альбом: I’m Your Betty (2000)
1. More Than I
2. Condition
3. Guys Unknown
4. Negative Fashion
5. Legs Hang Down
6. Still Nothing
7. Breeding the Highway
8. Who’s Getting Through to You
9. Ellis Dee
10. I’m Your Betty
Album / Альбом: Daniel Powter (2005)
1. Song 6 (3:30)
2. Free Loop (3:48)
3. Bad Day (3:54)
4. Suspect (3:56)
5. Lie to Me (3:25)
6. Jimmy Gets [...]

Daniel Powter - Beauty Queen

“When your laughter’s around
Still there right in the face
And you lay on the ground
Wonder often to space
It laugh at your bad
It take what they see
But you are good enough for me
I see you run to the moon
And you left us behind
Was all just too cruel
Or we’re just to one kind

Daniel Powter - Fly Away

“Hey there little baby won’t you try your rise?
You tell me what I wanna know
You said your talent’s ten, baby pushed around
You hitting down to Mexico

Daniel Powter - Don’t Give Up on Me

“I don’t know what I did
But most bein’ a fool
I got no excuses
So I wrote this song for you
Whatever the reasons did you come to say goodbye
I’m hoping for one more try
I want to change your mind
So I pick up the pieces
I swallow all my pride
I don’t wanna wake up feeling this emptiness inside
Did it [...]

Daniel Powter - Am I Still the One?

“I don’t get much from hero
I don’t give them much thought
I crumble on the crashing
May you still around
I don’t like my reflection
I don’t like what I see

Daniel Powter - Next Plane Home

“I woke up early to baby blue eyes from afar whoah whoah
And when the sun comes through lights you like the angel you are whoah whoah
I know I do you wrong when I’m with you I’ve been gone
With every season change, it looks the same, November to June whoah whoah
And [...]

Daniel Powter - Whole World Around

“Life’s been good, I can’t complain so far
Designer clothes, expensive caviar
And gated homes to keep the wolves at bay
Tinted glass to hide my guilt and shame

Daniel Powter - Not Coming Back

“I don’t believe in any longer bus
It got my motor wrong
For more than tears she cry
Then you know
That it’s much to much
So walk from the sky
Let it rain on me
I got this sorrow fall down
So we can wash be clean
And you know
That it was much to much
Not coming back again
No more advice from my so [...]

Daniel Powter - Best of Me

“I wasn’t mean the wrong way
Won’t you do me the right way
Where you gonna be tonight
Coz I won’t stay too long

Daniel Powter - Still Nothing

“I gamble the world seem more worried than stupid
I don’t want to be an insult
Why would I lay down all my good stories
I can walk away for miles
And you’re bored with me so bad days mean nothing
We can walk into the night
What am I facing aiming at deaths door, we could maybe fool them right
We [...]

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