Bruce Springsteen - Discography / Дискография (текст и перевод)

Album: Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. (1973)
1. Blinded by the Light – 5:06
2. Growin’ Up – 3:05
3. Mary Queen of Arkansas – 5:21
4. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? – 2:05
5. Lost in the Flood – 5:17
6. The Angel – 3:24
7. For You – 4:40
8. Spirit in the Night – 4:59
9. It’s Hard to [...]

Bruce Springsteen - American Land (текст)

“What is this land America
so many travel there
I’m going now while I’m still young
my darling meet me there
wish me luck my lovely
I’ll send for you when I can
and we’ll make our home
in the American land

Bruce Springsteen - Swallowed Up (текст)

“I fell asleep
On a dark and starless sea
With nothing but the cloak
Of God’s mercy over me
I come upon strange earth
And to a great black cave
I dreamt I awoke
As if buried in my grave
We’ve been swallowed up
We’ve been swallowed up
Disappeared from this world
We’ve been swallowed up

Bruce Springsteen - We Are Alive (текст)

“There is a cross up yonder up on calvary hill
There is a slip of blood on a silver knife
There is a graveyard kid down below
Where at night did come to life
And above the stars, they crackle in fire
A dead man’s moon throws seven rings
Well, we put our ears to the [...]

Bruce Springsteen - Land of Hope and Dreams (текст)

“Grab your ticket and your suitcase
Thunder’s rolling down the tracks
You don’t know where you’re goin’
But you know you won’t be back
Darlin’ if you’re weary
Lay your head upon my chest
We’ll take what we can carry
And we’ll leave the rest
Big Wheels rolling through fields
Where sunlight streams
Meet me in a land of hope [...]

Bruce Springsteen - Rocky Ground (текст)

“(I’m A Soldier!)
(I’m A Soldier!)
We’ve Been Traveling Over Rocky Ground, Rocky Ground
We’ve Been Traveling Over Rocky Ground, Rocky Ground
We’ve Been Traveling Over Rocky Ground, Rocky Ground
We’ve Been Traveling Over Rocky Ground, Rocky Ground
Rise Up Shepherd, Rise Up
Your Flock Has Roamed Far From The Hills
The Stars Have Faded, The Sky Is [...]

Bruce Springsteen - You’ve Got It (текст)

“No one ever found it, ain’t no school ever taught it
No one ever made it, ain’t no one ever bought it
Baby you’ve got it, baby you’ve got it
Come on and give it to me
Ain’t no one can break it, there ain’t no one can steal it
Ain’t no one can fake [...]

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball (текст)

“I was raised out of steel here in the swamps of Jersey, some misty years ago
Through the mud and the beer, and the blood and the cheers, I’ve seen champions come and go
So if you got the guts mister, yeah, if you got the balls
If you think it’s your time, [...]

Bruce Springsteen - This Depression (текст)

“Baby, I’ve been down
But never this down
I’ve been lost
But never this lost
This is my confession
I need your heart
In this depression
I need your heart
Baby, I’ve been low
But never this low
I’ve had my faith shaken
But never hopeless

Bruce Springsteen - Death to My Hometown (текст)

“No cannonballs did fly
No rifles cut us down
No bombs fell from the sky
No blood soaked the ground
No powder flash blinded the eye
No deafening thunder sounded
But just as sure as the hand of god
They brought death to my hometown
They brought death to my hometown
No shells ripped the evening sky
No cities burning [...]

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