Britney Spears / Бритни Спирс - Discography / Дискография

Album: …Baby One More Time (1999)
1. …Baby One More Time - 3:30
2. (You Drive Me) Crazy - 3:18
3. Sometimes - 4:04
4. Soda Pop - 3:20
5. Born to Make You Happy - 4:03
6. From the Bottom of My Broken Heart - 5:11
7. I Will Be There - 3:53
8. I Will Still Love You (duet with Don Phillip) [...]

Britney Spears - Criminal / Преступник

“He is a hustler
He’s no good at all
He is a loser, he’s a bum, bum, bum, bum
He lies, he bluffs
He’s unreliable.
He is a sucker with a gun, gun, gun, gun
I know you told me
I should stay away.
I know you said
He’s just a dog astray.
He is a bad boy with a [...]

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