Blackmore’s Night discography / Дискография

Album: Shadow of the Moon / Тень от луны (1997)
All songs are by Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night, except where noted.
1. Shadow of the Moon – 5:06
2. The Clock Ticks On (traditional by Tielman Susato) – 5:15
3. Be Mine Tonight – 2:51
4. Play, Minstrel, Play (traditional by Pierre Attaingnant) – 3:59
5. Ocean Gypsy (Michael Dunford, [...]

Blackmore`s Night - Health To The Company

“Kind friends and companions, come join me in rhyme
Come lift up your voices in chorus with mine
Let us drink and be merry all grief to refrain
For we may or might never meet here again

Blackmore`s Night - Dance Of The Darkness

Blackmore`s Night - Dance Of The Darkness
Album: Autumn Sky (2010)

Blackmore`s Night - All The Fun Of The Fayre

“In and out of a thousand stories
Here I stand somewhere in between
Kings and queens knights and glory
Flash before my eyes unseen

Blackmore`s Night - Strawberry Girl

“Through the long days of summer
Where the air was a sweet as perfume
We walked through the golden meadows
And danced by the light of the moon

Blackmore`s Night - Journeyman (Vandraren)

“Many years I’ve been away from home
I have faced too many battles
I was here upon the endless route
has left me bruised and batted

Blackmore`s Night - Vagabond (Make A Princess of Me)


“There’s many a crooked path
That has ended me here
Tired, broken and wearing rags
Wild eyed with fear

Blackmore`s Night - Night At Eggersberg

Blackmore`s Night - Night At Eggersberg
Album: Autumn Sky (2010)

Blackmore`s Night - Keeper Of The Flame

“Once was a legend of old
In the time of days long ago
The clattering heat, of a horse on the street
He appeared from the fog like a ghost

Blackmore`s Night - Celluloid Heroes

“Everybody’s a dreamer and everybody’s a star
And everybody’s in movies it doesn’t matter who you are
There are stars in every city in every house and on every street
And if you walk down Hollywood Boulevard their names are written in concrete

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