Tim McMorris - It`s a beautiful day / Это прекрасный день

Original lyrics
“The sun shines bright
As it moves across my face
I feel the light
And everything is in it’s place
I woke up feeling great
Today was made for me
And life is good, the way it should
the way it was meant to be
And it’s a beautiful day
It’s a beautiful day
It’s a beautiful day
It’s [...]

Песни из кинофильмов / Songs from movies

01. Щит и меч / Schit i mech / Shield and sword - С чего начинается Родина / What homeland starts with
02. Ах, водевиль, водевиль / Ah, vodevil`, vodevil` / Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville - Гадалка / Gadalka / Fortune-teller
03. Старые клячи / Starie klyachi / Old jades - Тум-балалайка / Tum-balalaika
04. Ох, уж, эта Настя [...]

Roméo Et Juliette - Les Rois Du Monde

“Les rois du monde vivent au sommet
Ils ont la plus belle vue mais y’a un mais
Ils ne savent pas ce qu’on pense d’eux en bas
Ils ne savent pas qu’ici c’est nous les rois
Les rois du monde font tout ce qu’ils veulent
Ils ont du monde autour d’eux mais ils sont seuls
Dans [...]

Ромео и Джульетта / Romeo and Juliet - Короли ночной Вероны / Kings of night Verona

“Мира законы очень просты
Есть на земле короли и шуты.
Но почему так бывает порой,
Не разобраться - кто шут, кто король.”
“Счастье не вечно, слава слепа,
А королей выбирает толпа.
Сильные мира вдали от земли
Не понимают, что мы короли.”

Bruce Springsteen - The Wrestler / Борец (текст и перевод)

“Have you ever seen a one trick pony in the field so happy and free
If you’ve ever seen a one trick pony then you’ve seen me
Have you ever seen a one legged dog makin’ his way down the street
If you’ve ever seen a one legged dog then you’ve seen me

Bruce Springsteen - Missing (текст)

“Woke up this morning, was a chill in the air
Went into the kitchen, your cigarettes were lying there
Your jacket hung on the chair where you left it last night
Everything was in place, everything was all right
But you were missing
Last night I dreamed the sky went black
You were drifting down and [...]

Bruce Springsteen - Dead Man Walkin / Мертвец идёт (текст и перевод)

“There’s a pale horse* comin’
I’m gonna ride it
I’ll rise in the morning
My fate decided
I’m a dead man walkin’
I’m a dead man walkin’

Bruce Springsteen - Iceman (текст)

“Sleepy town ain’t got the guts to budge
Baby, this emptiness has already been judged
I wanna go out tonight, I wanna find out what I got
You’re a strange part of me, you’re a preacher’s girl
And I don’t want no piece of this mechanical world
Got my arms open wide and my blood [...]

Bruce Springsteen - This Land Is Your Land (текст)

“Well I rode that ribbon highway
I saw above me the endless sky
I saw below me the golden valley
This land was made for you and me

Bruce Springsteen - Light of Day (текст)

“Well I’ve been out of the woods for six days and nights now
Well I’m a little hot wired, but I’m feeling alright
I got some money in my pocket and a long lean ride
I got to make it down to Galveston by Saturday night, now

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