Bruce Springsteen - We take care of our own / Мы позаботимся о себе (текст и перевод)

“I’ve been knockin’ on the door that holds the throne
I’ve been lookin’ for the map that leads me home
I’ve been stumblin’ on good hearts turned to stone
The road of good intentions has gone dry as bone
We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag’s flown
We take [...]

Bruce Springsteen - Jake of all Trades / Мастер на все руки (текст и перевод)

“I’ll mow your lawn, clean the leaves out your drain
I’ll mend your roof to keep out the rain
I’ll take the work that God provides
I’m a Jack of all trades, honey, we’ll be alright
I’ll hammer the nails, and I’ll set the stone
I’ll harvest your crops when they’re ripe and grown
I’ll pull [...]

Maroon 5 - Stutter / Заикаюсь

Or else, ya gotta let me go, oh
I really, I really
This time I really need to do things right
The shivers that you give me keep me freezing all night
You make me shudder
I cant believe it, I’m not myself
Suddenly I’m thinkin’ about no one else
You make me shudder
I really, I really [...]

Maroon 5 - Give a Little More / Отдам немного больше

“Now you’ve been bad, and it goes on and on and on
‘Til you come home babe, ’til you come home
Now you taste past the poison you learn to love is gone
I’m all alone baby, I’m all alone
I’m waiting for something, always waiting
Feeling nothing, wondering if it’ll ever change
And then I [...]

Maroon 5 - Misery / Страдания

“Oh yeah
Oh yeah
So scared of breaking it
But you won’t let it bend
And I wrote two hundred letters
I will never send
Sometimes these cuts are so much
Deeper than they seem
You’d rather cover up
I’d rather let them bleed
So let me be
I’ll set you free
I am in misery
There ain’t nobody
Who can comfort me
Oh yeah
Why [...]

Maroon 5 - Back at Your Door / Снова у твоей двери

“From the moment the lights went off
Everything had changed
Lie awake in an empty room
In my head it all feels the same
Like the taste of the day you left
It still lingers on my breath
And the dampness of tears that left
That stain where you had wept
All alone with the negligee
That still hangs [...]

Maroon 5 - Better That We Break / Нам лучше расстаться

“I never knew perfection til
I heard you speak, and now it kills me
Just to hear you say the simple things
Now waking up is hard to do
And sleeping’s impossible too
Everything’s reminding me of you
What can I do?
It’s not right, not OK
To say the words that you say
“Maybe we’re better off this [...]

Maroon 5 - Kiwi / Киви

“You’re such a flirt, I know you hurt
And so do I, I empathize
I see you out, you never cared
A conversation that we never shared
But it’s so strange, it’s something new
Amazing feelings that I have for you
I close my eyes when I’m alone
Wonder what it’d be like to make you moan
I [...]

Maroon 5 - Not Falling Apart / Не размазня

“Danced all night, slept all day
Careless with my heart again
Fearless when it comes to playing games
You don’t cry, you don’t care
Afraid to have a love affair
Is that your ghost or are you really there?
Now I can’t walk, I can’t talk anymore
Since you walked out the door
And now I’m stuck living [...]

Maroon 5 - Goodnight Goodnight / Доброй ночи доброй ночи

“You left me hanging from a thread
We once were from together
I lick my wounds but I can
Never see them getting better
Something’s gotta change
Things cannot stay the same
Her hair was pressed against her face
Her eyes were ran with anger
Enraged by things unsaid
And empty beds and bad behaviour
Something’s gotta change
It must be [...]

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