Mark Knopfler - If This Is Goodbye

“My famous last words
Are laying around in tatters
Sounding absurd
Whatever I try
But I love you
And that’s all that really matters
If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye
Yout bright shining sun
Would light up the way before me
You were the one
Made me feel I could fly
And I love you
Whatever is waiting for me
If this [...]

Mark Knopfler - Beyond My Wildest Dreams

“I didn’t ask for as much
As maybe I ought’ve
But I’m staying in touch
With the one I love
And I can see in the dials
And in these headlights beams
Beyond my wildest
Beyond my wildest dreams
Beyond my wildest dreams
Beyond my wildest dreams
I’ve been with you
I’ve been with you

Mark Knopfler - Belle Starr

“My mamma and my daddy
Told me love is a two-way street
But lately baby, you’ve been finding
New ways of dragging your feet
So come on, make your best shot
You don’t have to take the blame
I’ll be your belle star
You can be my Jesse James

Mark Knopfler - Donkey Town

“I’ve been around in Donkey Town
Too long baby too long
Checking out of Donkey Town
So long, so long, so long
Her pretty eyes are pretty still
But Jim’s got a kind of a squint Yeah
I dug up my last check from out of the mine
Now I feel like I’ve done my stint
Jim got [...]

Mark Knopfler - Right Now

“Miles between us, here we are
Side by side in a stranded car
Right now, baby right now
And it’s too dark to see
Anyhow so where are we
Right now, baby, right now?
You could say we’ve both come down
To a place called lonesome town.
When’d you loose a hold on me
Anyhow and where are we
Right [...]

Mark Knopfler - Love and Happiness

“Here’s a wishing well
Here’s a penny for
Any thought it is
That makes you smile
Every diamond dream
Everything that brings
Love and happiness
To your life

Mark Knopfler - Rollin’ On

“Been kickin’ sawdust
In these clothes
For a blue moon
And a red nose
The boys will put ‘em up
And tear ‘em down
We’ll wash away
The dirt
Just a glass a day
Ain’t gonna hurt
Pretty soon we’ll move on
Out of town

Mark Knopfler - Red Staggerwin

“If i was staggerwing plane
A staggerwingpainted red
I’d fly over to your house, baby
Buzz you in your bed
If i was a taperwing
A taperwing painted blue
I’d be barrell-rolling over you
You’re gonna need a rider anyhow
Let me be your rider now

Mark Knopfler - This Is Us

“This is us down at the Mardi Gras
This is us In your Daddy’s Car
You and the missing link
Yeah, I’d had a little too much to drink, now
Too long in the sun
Having too much fun
You and me and our memories
This is us

Mark Knopfler - I Dug Up a Diamond

“I dug up a diamond
Rare and fine
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine
If only I could cling to
my beautiful find
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine

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