Mark Knopfler - In the Sky

“Are you home from the sea, my soul balladeer
You’ve been away roaming far away from here
weathered a storm, your heart unafraid
crossed every ocean in the boat that you made
Been blowing your horn, scaring the spooks
No crotchets or quavers in your books
Gone sailing all night, straight in the vein
like a bird [...]

Mark Knopfler - Madame Geneva’s

“I’m a maker of ballads right pretty
I write them right here in the street
You can buy them all over the city
yours for a penny a sheet
I’m a word pecker out of the printers
out of the dens of Gin Lane
I’ll write up a scene on a counter
- confessions and sins in [...]

Mark Knopfler - The Fish and the Bird

“When I gave my heart
to a tinker boy
he said a fish could love a swallow
And I will go with my travelling man
Wherever he goes I will follow

Mark Knopfler - Behind With the Rent

“This didn’t used to be me, old boy
This isn’t what I’d want
pulling old night fighters
in a restaurant
There’s smoke and flames behind me
where the self-respect all went
and I’m behind, behind
with the rent

Mark Knopfler - Let It All Go

“When it’s pop goes the weasel
let go of the easel
You don’t want
this rickety rackety life
It’s seat of the trousers
It’s all sink or swim, son
I’d kill to get crimson
on this palette knife
And I’d steal in a minute
I’m up to here in it
You here behaving
as though I’m a saint
Get a job with [...]

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