Mark Knopfler - Calling Elvis

“Calling Elvis - is anybody home
Calling Elvis - I’m here all alone
Did he leave the building
Or can he come to the phone
Calling Elvis - I’m here all alone
Well tell him I was calling just to wish him well
Let me leave my number - heartbreak hotel
Oh love me tender - baby [...]

Mark Knopfler - The Scaffolder’s Wife

“The scaffolder’s wife
driving out of the yard
with a face that’s as hard
as a scaffolder’s bar -
when she goes into town
she might take the top down
on the car.
The quick little steps
in the stiletto boots
and the hair with the roots.
She comes in as a rule
to get the nails done
and the tan for [...]

Mark Knopfler - True Love Will Never Fade

“True love will never fade
True love will never fade
True love will never fade
True love will never fade
True love will never fade
I wonder if there’s no forever
- no walking hand in hand
down a yellow brick road
to never-never land
These days I get to where I’m going
- make it there eventually
follow the trail [...]

Mark Knopfler - Skateaway

“I seen a girl on a one way corridor
Stealing down a wrong way street
For all the world like an urban toreador
She had wheels on on her feet
Well the cars do the usual dances
Same old cruise and the kerbside crawl
But the rollergirl she’s taking chances
They just love to see her take [...]

Mark Knopfler - The Long Road / Длинная дорога

Instrumental / Инструментальная
Mark Knopfler - The Long Road (Theme from Cal) / Длинная дорога – 7:21
Album: The Best of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler: Private Investigations (Released: 2005)
Two-disc track listing: Disc one.
The “The Long Road” is written by Mark Knopfler.

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