Mark Knopfler - Coyote

“Look at me Coyote
Don’t let a little road dust put you off
You can’t judge a book
Well you know that stuff
There’s a tear in my upholstery
And a hole in my shoe
But don’t you just wish that you could
Make half of the speed I do
Speed I do, speed I do, speed I [...]

Mark Knopfler - You Don’t Know You’re Born

“What do you know about the hammer and the spike
What do you know about the farm
You don’t know
You don’t know what it’s like
Because you don’t know
You don’t know you’re born
What do you know about the hammer and the chisel
You only know the kitchen and the warm
You don’t know about the [...]

Mark Knopfler - Marbletown

“Roll out here mister
if you need a little rest
Roll out here mister
if you need a little rest
Lay me down in Marbletown
A bone yard is the best
There was a bad bull on the railroad
tried to pull me off this train
There was a bad bull on the railroad
tried to pull me [...]

Mark Knopfler - Fare Thee Well Northumberland

“Come drive me down to the central station
I hate to leave my river tyne
For some damn town that’s god-forsaken
Fare thee well, northumberland
Although i’ll go where the lady takes me
She’ll never tell what’s in her hand
I do not know what fate awaits me
Fare thee well, northumberland

Mark Knopfler - Quality Shoe

“You got your toecaps reinforced with steel
Hard-wearing sole and heel
Make those tired feet feel like new
Take your pick, black or Brown
Great for the country or the man in town
You’re gonna need a quality shoe
You don’t want no stand-by pair
‘Cos these’ll take the wear and tear
Made to take good care of [...]

Банд’Эрос / Band’Eros - Дискография / Discography

Альбом: Коламбия Пикчерз не представляет (2006)
1. Коламбия Пикчерз не представляет
2. Передача (Для тех, кому по…)
3. Бумажный змей (Песня про деньги)
4. Наоми я бы Кэмпбел
5. Жизни не жалко
6. К тебе поближе
7. Никогда не знаешь
8. Скит
9. Танцуй, Рублёвка
10. Аль Пачино
11. Не зарекайся
12. Бум-сеньорита
13. Я не люблю тебя
14. ПлаStелиновая
15. Outro
Альбом: Кундалини (2011)
1. До весны
2. Полосы
3. Не под этим [...]

Банд’Эрос / Band’Eros - Манхеттен / Manhattan

“Он и она, уже полгода тишина
Его голос по радио, но у него своя волна
Она все ждет такси
Огни Москвы, Манхеттен прости…
Кофе на столе, за окном лазурь,
А с глянцевых страниц так манит гламур,
Ночью он придет и скажет ей лямур,
И в их квартирке на Лесной уютно и тепло,
И все вроде бы ровно, но..

Mark Knopfler - A Place Where We Used to Live / Место, где мы жили

“This empty kitchen’s where
I’d while away the hours
Just next to my old chair
You’d usually have some flowers
The shelves of books
Even the picture hooks
Everything is gone
But my heart is hanging on
If this old neighbourhood
Survived us both alright
Dont know that it withstood
All the things that took our light
You on the stair
I can [...]

Mark Knopfler - Hill Farmer’s Blues

“Im going into Tow Law
For what I need
Chain for the ripsaw
Killer for the weed
Dog’s at the back door
Leave him be
Dont feed him jack
And dont wait up for me
Going into Tow Law
To fuel my fire
Shells for the 12
And razor wire
Dog’s at the back door
Leave him be
Dont do jack
And dont wait up [...]

Mark Knopfler - Devil Baby

“The freaks’ll stay together
They’re a tight old crew
You look at them
And they look at you
I love the ballyhoo girl
But she don’t care
It’s hard to find love anywhere
Hard to find love anywhere

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