Mark Knopfler - One More Matinee

“Here’s one of the two of us
In 1954 don’t laugh
I keep all of the pictures
Are you going to take a photograph
Here’s something nice for you
A dear old thing came to a show
Last time here we did
An interview on local radio
Make yourself at home my darling
Come on in
Hand me down that [...]

Mark Knopfler - Sands of Nevada

“These Tables Are Haunted
By The Ghosts Of Las Vegas
Their Chips Were Once Mountains
But They Came Here To Play
They Could Take Me If They Wanted
But I Have Nothing Worth Counting
And Like The Sands Of Nevada
They Go Drifting Away
Lady Luck’s Still A Mystery
With Her Head On My Shoulder
And I Don’t Know Why
I [...]

Mark Knopfler - Junkie Doll

“Turnpike Lane, Turnpike Lane
You spiked my arm
But you missed the vein
Now it’s all gone
But the scars remain
Junkie doll, I was stuck on you
My junkie doll
Turnham Green, Turnham Green
You took me high
As I’ve ever been
Now it’s all gone
And now I’m clean
Junkie doll, I was stuck on you
My junkie doll

Mark Knopfler - Speedway at Nazareth

“After two thousand came two thousand and one
To be the new champions we were there for to run
From springtime in Arizona ’til the fall in Monterey
And the raceways were the battlefields and we fought ‘em all the way
Was at Phoenix in the morning I had a wake-up call
She went around [...]

Mark Knopfler - Wanderlust

“Big black cloud
On a yellow plain
Sure enough it
Looks like rain
Packin’ up all our
Faith and trust
Me and the wanderlust
Open window
Empty bed and chair
Who’s that callin’
Ain’t nobody there
I look behind me
And I see there’s just
Me and the wanderlust

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