Mark Knopfler - Our Shangri-La / Наша Шангри-ла

“It’s the end of a perfect day for all the surfer boys and girls
The suns dropping down in the bay and falling off the world
There’s a diamond in the sky, our evening stone in our Shangri-La
Get that fire burning strong right here and right now
Its here and then its gone, [...]

Mark Knopfler - Back to Tupelo

“Around the time of ‘clambake’
Movie number twenty-five
You and the lying dutchman
Are still in overdrive
You’re as strong as when you started
Mississippi in your soul
You can still be marlon brando
And the king of rock and roll
It isn’t just the records
No, you must have hollywood
The songs alone are not enough
That much is understood
You’ll [...]

Mark Knopfler - The Trawlerman’s Song

“We’re taking on water
Diesel and stores
Laying up awhile
Before I’m back on board
They’re patching her up
To go fishing again
They’re welding her rudder
Scrubbing her keel
Scars on her belly
Need time to heal
In the dock
With the trawlermen

Mark Knopfler - Sucker Row

“Somebody’s gotta crack
A whip around here
Who’s minding the store?
Shake it up sell some beer
What’s your
Money maker for?
Pay day
We’re packin’ ‘em in
Six-gun Annie
And Buffalo Jill
But who’s to say
They’ll be back again
For a refill?
Honey, you know the drill
Ain’t no left turn
Down sleepy time street
You gotta be fast
But you gotta stay loose
On your [...]

Банд’Эрос / Band’Eros - Китано / Kitano

“У нас всё будет, как у Китано,
Простого счастья ждать не стоит, не надо,
Всё будет странно, спонтанно, никаких планов
И романтических встреч у фонтанов.
Виски допиты, и на дне стакана
Причудливые блики, как с экрана,
И все ответы о самом главном,
Но умирать вроде рано.

Mark Knopfler - Boom, Like That

“I’m going to San Bernardino Ridididin
Milkshake mix is thus my thing now
These guys bought a heap of my stuff
And I gotta see a good thing shooting up now
Folks line up all down the street
Now I am seeing this girl devour her meat now
And then I get it Wham as clear [...]

Mark Knopfler - 5.15 A.M.

“5.15 a.m.
snow laying all around
a collier cycles home
from his night shift underground
past the silent pub
primary school, workingmens club
on the road from the pithead
the churchyard packed
with mining dead
then beneath the bridge
he comes to a giant car
a shroud of snow upon the roof
a mark ten jaguar
he thought the man was fast asleep
silent, [...]

Mark Knopfler - Old Pigweed

“Everything was in there
That you’d want to see
Corned beef and onions
And true love
Turnips and tinned tomatoes
Parsnips and a few potatoes
A couple extra blessings
From above
Now this here mingle-mangle
Was my best one yet
A big old bad goulash
Worth waiting for
And I’m just about to dip my can
Taste some brotherhood of man
When I get [...]

Mark Knopfler - Daddy’s Gone to Knoxville

“Oh, you’re gonna miss your daddy when he’s gone
When he’s gone
Yeah, you’re gonna miss your daddy when he’s gone
When he’s gone
Daddy’s gone down that Gallatin road
The hen never laid and the corn never growed
Oh, you’re gonna miss your daddy when he’s gone
Oh, I’d rather have a dollar than a dime
Than [...]

Mark Knopfler - The Ragpicker’s Dream

“When Jack Frost came for Christmas
With a brass monkey date
The rail-king and the scarecrow
Hopped a Florida freight
And they blew on their paper cups
And stared through the steam
Then they drank half a bottle
Of Ragpicker’s Dream
Where the whiskey keeps following
Cold pitchers of beer
Me and my associate
Like the clientele here get
The onions and [...]

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