Bryan Adams - Vanishing / Исчезает

“People all over build on solid ground
They build it up and then they tear it down
Take it or leave it who cares how much it costs
They’ll never know how much is gone until it’s lost
’til it’s vanishing

Bryan Adams - Not Guilty / Не виновен

“Who are you to say that I am wrong?
Who are you to say I’m crazy?
Ain’t a crime of passion comin’ on strong
I’m only trying to treat ya like a lady
And I can’t Help myself baby

Bryan Adams - Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven / Думал, что я умер и попал на небо

“Love is forever - as I lie awake
Beside you
I believed - there’s no heaven
No hideaway - for the lonely
But I was wrong - crazy
It’s gotta be strong
It’s gotta be right

Bryan Adams - Can’t Stop This Thing We Started / Того, что мы начали, не остановить

“You might stop a hurricane
Might even stop the drivin’ rain
You might have a dozen other guys
But if you wanna stop me baby - don’t even try
I’m goin’ one way - your way
It’s such a strong way - let’s make it our way

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