Bryan Adams - The Best Was Yet to Come / Лучшее ждало впереди

“Just a small town girl in the city lights
The best was yet to come
Then lonely days turned to endless nights
The best was yet to come

Bryan Adams - Let Him Know / Скажи ему

“Another day goes by and you
wonder what happened
You’d give the world for one more try
But you’re too shy to ask him
You don’t wanna ask him now
I know your heart will pull you trough
If he means that much to you
you gotta let him know
Let him know that you love him
You gotta let him know

Bryan Adams - Don’t Leave Me Lonely / Не оставляй меня одного

“I won’t stand bein broken hearted
I won’t be pushed around
The rules were set when we got started
But lately I have found
We’ve spent too little time and too much heartache
I feel we’re losin’ ground
And lately I’ve been hearin’
You won’t be needin’ me around
Don’t leave me lonely
Just wanna be right by your side
Your one and only- tonite
So [...]

Bryan Adams - What’s It Gonna Be / Что же будет

“If it was up to me
I’d say it’s his decision
And maybe you should wait and see
You haven’t got at choice
You gotta second guess him
So go ahead
What’s it gonna be
well you need an answer
What’s it gonna be
All you get is no reply

Bryan Adams - I’m Ready / Я готов

“I’d like to see you, thought I’d let you know
I wanna be with you everyday
Cause I’ve got a feeling that’s beginning to grow
And there’s only one thing I can say
I’m ready - to love you
I’m ready - to hold you
I’m ready - to love you
I’m ready - to hold you

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