Bryan Adams - Straight from the Heart / От чистого сердца

“I could start dreamin’
But it never ends
As long as you’re gone
We may as well pretend
I’ve been dreamin’
Straight from the heart

Bryan Adams - This Time / На сей раз

“I think about her all the time,
She’s my fantasy
Her image’s burnin’ in my mind,
Callin’ out to me
Well my imagination’s runnin’ wild
Things are getting clear now

Bryan Adams - Take Me Back / Прими меня обратно

“Should have seen it coming
Should have seen the signs
Didn’t really think that she needed me
Must have been blind

Bryan Adams - The Only One / Единственная

“Well I made up my mind
not gonna let you get away
To think that I’m the lucky guy
I’ve almost got it made
Cause it’s been so long
Since I’ve felt so strong
About anyone at all
I get so excited
I ain’t gonna fight it
I think I might be fallin’ in love

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