Bryan Adams - No One Makes It Right / Никто не сделает это так же хорошо

“Everything’s been said, A hundred times
Everything’s been said, A hunderd times
Then I know, if I know you
It takes one more time
No one holds the night,
The way you do
No one holds the night
The way you do
Then I know, If I know you
It takes one more night

Bryan Adams - Last Chance / Последний шанс

“Well you take it all for granted,
So it should come as no surprise,
That your big balloon is gonna burst,
Right before your eyes.
Well you always call your mama,
Just for sympathy yeah,
But I tried to show you years ago,
So don’t come crying to me.
Now it’s your last chance the night is over,
Last chance for love,
Well you can [...]

Bryan Adams - You Want It, You Got It / Если ты захочешь, ты сможешь

“I think I told you maybe
once or twice before,
They’ll only hold you down,
leave you wanting more.
But you refuse to listen, babe,
so this is where you’ll stay,
If you weren’t so bloody juvenile,
you’d be some where today.

Bryan Adams - Tonight / Этой ночью

“Who are you gonna run to,
Now your ass is on the line.
Who do you think you’re foolin’
We ain’t got the time.
Don’t try to tell me,
Who’s wrong or right.
Don’t say that I
There’s no point in tryin’ to change it at all.

Bryan Adams - Jealousy / Ревность

“I can’t complain about the way we tried,
So maybe it’s time to say goodbye,
Not gonna look around
I’m just gonna look away.
Don’t put the reasons back in my head,
You say you loved me now you’ve left me for dead,
Oh I just can’t stand it this way.
Oh jealousy, coming over me,
It’s that jealousy, breaking my heart.
Whoa jealousy, [...]

Bryan Adams - Fits Ya Good / Тебе как раз под стать

“Waitin’ here for the workin’ day to end.
Five o’clock and those walls are slowly closin’.
You get home so down and worn out, It’s understood.
Yeah fits you good,
Oh fits you good.
Yeah fits you good, oh.

Bryan Adams - Coming Home / Возвращаюсь домой

“All those nights I’ve spent alone,
Uninspired, so tired and wasted.
There’s lots of times I’d have telephoned,
I couldn’t find the words to say,
I’m coming home,
Lord I’m coming home
I’ll make it short,
I’ll make it sweet,
Make it up to you and me.
I’m not the same guy I used to be,
What can I do to make you believe,

Bryan Adams - Don’t Look Now / Не заглядывай в будущее

“Now you took your love from me,
When I needed it most,
I wanted you so desperately,
So baby,
Don’t look now cause I’m comin’ around,
Baby don’t look now cause I’m comin’ around.
You planned it all so carefully,
You just faded to black,
And even in your wildest dreams,
You never thought I’d be back
So you thought you’d seen the last of [...]

Bryan Adams - One Good Reason / Одна веская причина

“I’ve got one hand on the door,
One hand in my pocket,
The world is on my shoulders,
And I’m tryin’ to get to you.
I’m gettin’ pretty worried,
Now that Ronnie’s in the office,
I shouldn’t let it get to me,
There’s nothin’ I can do.
Think that you should know by now,
You’ve done the damage now it can’t be changed,
So give [...]

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