Bryan Adams - Lonely Nights / Одинокие ночи

“Will you risk your reputation?
I don’t know.
You just don’t know what you’re sayin’
You know beggers can’t be chosers,
And that’s fair.
When we win we may be losers,
I don’t care, no no no.

Bryan Adams - Try to See It My Way / Попробуй посмотреть на это с моей стороны

“Ooh… Try to see it my way.
Ooh… Try to see it my way.
Well, I know you cover up
From all the things you did
That tied you up.
Just wanna let you know
That I wanna keep you warm
Until the sun warms up the dark.
So move in a little closer,
Then you can think it over,
Just try to see it [...]

Bryan Adams - State of Mind / Состояние сознания

“I know that you’re curious,
So don’t be serious,
You know there’s no cause for alarm.
When you’re down - out
Left here in doubt,
All the things that are right will go wrong.
Love is a state of mind,
It’s keepin’ us both alive,
Sometimes it’s hard to find.
Love’s in a state of mind.
Wait just a minute,
You know that it’s finished,
So don’t [...]

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