Bryan Adams - Give Me Your Love / Дай мне твою любовь

“I can fool myself for a night
Goin’ on
Like I don’t need you any more.
That’s like walking in the dark.
Tel me now
That you’ll give me all your love.
Oh, give me your love give me your love
Or nothing at all nothing at all.
Oh, give me your love.

Bryan Adams - Wait and See / Поживем — увидим

“There you go looking cool,
Writing rules
For your theories of romance.
I know that you doubt me,
But without me
You’d be tearing off your one chance.
Wait and see,
This could be the last time for me.
Baby, just wait and see.
All the times
I came running back
Down the path of the least resistance.
I felt my body
Was just a hobby
For your heart’s [...]

Bryan Adams - Win Some, Lose Some / Что-то находишь, что-то теряешь

“Now you know
That I stood outside your window
Just a little too long.
What you’re gonna do
When the hours pass away
And you know that I’m gone.
Well, it may be a week,
It may be a day,
I’m six blocks over
And I don’t know what to say to you.

Bryan Adams - Hidin’ from Love / Прячешься от любви

“I’m ridin’ in the middle
Halfway into you
And halfway into something
I don’t know what to do
Said you’d make it easy
Said you’d take
the time
But you call it off
Before I change my mind
Cause you’re not
You’re only hidin’ from love
You can’t deny it
You’re only
hidin’ from love

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