Bee Gees - Promise The Earth

“It’s not worth one night on earth
Baby I know, baby I know
I won’t know whose lips you’re kissing
Baby I know
You don’t know what you have done
Baby I know, baby don’t go
You don’t know what you are missing
Baby and so
There’s not a sacrifice too strong
I’ve been alone for far too long
I’d be a fool to fail, [...]

Bee Gees - Just In Case

“Well, it seems every night and day, I get to lose
And I always held the faith inside
That love would find a way
And I always reached for more than the others ever saw
I was always the first to follow my foolish prayer
And the feeling that I have is more than any soul could bear
Hold me when [...]

Bee Gees - The Extra Mile

“I want to go where no one’s gone before
And my faith will find the way
And I’m not afraid
Now I am here with all that is true
So many times
You lived with my strength and my pain
You are my friend
I’m ready to walk that line
Ready to fight, for
I’m not alone in the night
You’re always in sight and [...]

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