Bee Gees - Loose Talk Costs Lives

“Loose talk costs lives
People like to play
We’re basically the same
We never lie
Loose talk costs lives
Don’t look at me as if you don’t remember me at all
There was laughter, there was pain
But I won’t make the same mistakes I made
You are too beautiful to me
I hide my tears inside the rain
Am I the soul you cast [...]

Bee Gees - Walking On Air

“I’ve been around the world
You’ll never know just how long I’ve been praying
To get you into my life
It won’t be long before you understand
Even our love becomes a master plan, and so I
I think I’m walking on air
So much in love I can’t tell what I’m saying
There’ll be no running [...]

Bee Gees - Technicolor Dreams

“Now, I’ve been accused of going Hollywood
Chasing some cinematic schemes
But I’ll give you Panavision pictures
‘Cos you give me Technicolor dreams

Bee Gees - Déjà Vu

“This is my dedication
This is my dedication
I’m not a saint but stand accused
You’re with someone who thinks love’s the same as being used
And now suspicious minds may say it’s over
Whether I live or die, you are my saviour
You’re my saviour
It’s my deja vu, sweet deja vu
Through the feast or famine I’ll be with you
Sheltering arms [...]

Bee Gees - Man In The Middle

“You’ve got a plan that could never go wrong
You took advantage and the damage done
It all comes back to me baby
It all comes back to me

Bee Gees - Wedding Day

“We both acknowledge what we came here for
We take each other and walk through the open door
From the first time that I saw you
To the way you look tonight
I was shaken by your spirit
I was blinded by your light

Bee Gees - Sacred Trust

“I meant to fight it to the finish but you made me forget
And though it’s possible I’m dreaming, don’t wake me yet
You know I love you
I can’t see the day for night

Bee Gees - She Keeps On Coming

“Front and centre
I don’t know how it happened then
I can’t explain it
What was she thinking of when
Mother Nature
She put us both together, and
The way she touched me
And I ran that red light and so I
Said I love her
She tell me I don’t matter
I try to kiss her
But every dream is [...]

Bee Gees - This Is Where I Came In

“I’ve seen the story
I’ve read it over once or twice
I said that you say
A little bit of bad advice
I been in trouble
Happened to me all my life
I lie and you lie
And who would get the sharpest knife

Bee Gees - Love Never Dies

“You say you saw the dark side
Baby I know
It Gets you through the night
and love is like a red rose baby and so
It’s coming around again
If we can take the same direction we’ll find
the road that never ends
but love never dies
it goes on forever love never dies
love never dies it [...]

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