Bee Gees - Dimensions

“Hindsight, don’t make it right
She give me trouble enough
And she’s a ball of light
I’m in the tunnel of love
With the american dream
And i was born too soon
A little good luck, never stuck
She got me climbing the walls
Got me hard as a rock
Within a city of sin, she got a city [...]

Bee Gees - Fallen Angel

“Fool in the night on the stair
With the light by the window
Out in the jungle of life she was
Yearning to go
All of the years I’ve been there for the tears
She will sell you
Out in the city she search for the face
That she knew

Bee Gees - For Whom the Bell Tolls

“I stumble in the night
Never really knew what it would’ve been like
You’re no longer there to
Break my fall
The heartache over you
I gave it everything but I couldn’t get through
I never saw the signs
You’re the last to know when love is blind

Bee Gees - Above and Beyond

“Woman in a million to me
I never loved so much
Is it any wonder I’m alive
No one ever knows what makes a
Virtue or a vice
Let it be the spell I’m under
(These naked eyes)
Let it be the rain and thunder comes

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