Bee Gees - Blue Island

“Living in a world that dies within
You are they who try and touch the wind
You could be the blessed one that
Makes me love you
And doing what you’ve never done before
Taking every wave that hits the shore
You could be a silver star that shines
On my blue island
See you on a blue [...]

Bee Gees - Anything For You

“Ooh ooh ooh
When you wait and you watch
and you’re wishing for something wild
I figure I can please you someday someway
I figure I can put your love on that
I’m taking you back to school
Talk about making it something real
Nobody could deny you anything
I’d do anything
You know I’d do anything
anything for you
You know I’d do anything
anything for [...]

Bee Gees - Heart Like Mine

“Night grows cold
I’ve been lonely so much
Out of reach
Save it only for me
Nothing in life is the same
And the sooner we stop to start

Bee Gees - Ghost Train

“Take me to your world of wonder
Let me come inside your room
Now you see nothin’
Some investigation as to the state of us
No misunderstanding girl
On either side

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