Bee Gees - Haunted House

“I know baby’s bad for my self-esteem
FInd another face for your sympathy
Some of us cry, some of them lie
But no one sees inside

Bee Gees - Omega Man

“We set the same scene
Circumstances different than they
Might have been
People in two places can be
Pulled into a scheme
Never what you’re fighting for

Bee Gees - How to Fall in Love, Part 1

“I got a bad sensation
The enemy is all around
The traces of my naked heart
Are laid upon the ground
I suffered side effects
That might have been forever
Even in my dreams
And I was left alone to pray
When there was no one in the way
And nothin’ what it seemed
And from a hard time, play [...]

Bee Gees - Party with No Name

“Let’s get started
Move in for the kill
So sincere
I’m here to bend your will
A man without a face
I give you love you’ve never known
We can hold each other, sight unseen
Touchin’ on our darkest dream
You can wish for something bad
Lovers’ lips you never had
All she wants is your love
All she wants is your love

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