Pooh - Sara nel sole

“Sara da sei mesi va in città
la mattina presto prende il treno
e fra i libri il diario e il finestrino
nasce il sole forte del mattino.
E si affanna la gente nei bar
mentre il cielo è sereno
Sara ha in corpo la rabbia e l’età
per amare Milano.

Bee Gees - Secret Love

“When do I cry
This breakin’ heart
Just hurts me more
When we’re apart
And there are two of us
With our secret love
Hey pretty baby why you wait so long
Livin’ with a love that’s not just make believe
Lonely nights, I see your candle glow
And in my mind, I trace
Together we can take away
The time [...]

Bee Gees - High Civilization

“Crying in the streets,
they run for their lives.
How can you lead them to heaven,
they don’t realize?
Children of the night,
how far can we fall
that which we say is forever,
ain’t no time at all.
Father and the son,
not too young to be old,
reach out for each other when the world goes cold.
Feel so good to be home.
Are you [...]

Bee Gees - Wing and a Prayer

“Lovers in ancient times
Now it begins - I see it in your eyes
And I know how you feel - you long to touch the sky
The flame of life, let it eat your heart out every night
But you’re not alone

Bee Gees - Will You Ever Let Me

“I’ve come to feel that you’re a blessing in disguise,
find a way of making sure.
Is what you show to me the devil in your eyes?
Are you the killer or the cure?
I could be the fire you start
at just the mention of your name.
I rise and I rise up to heaven, my love,
and let you shoot [...]

Bee Gees - House of Shame

“First you say you needed me,
then you give me sympathy,
they say good girls never win,
something good in giving in
how do I get through to you?
You must be made of stone.

Bee Gees - Wish You Were Here

“You’re living your life
in somebody else’s heart
My love is as strong
as oceans are far apart.
A summer song keeps playing in my brain,
and I feel you, and I see your face again,
there’s no escape,
I lost everything in losing you.

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