Bee Gees - Flesh and Blood

“I’m not that someone who’s got what you want
I can do nothing but watch what you do
You just want someone to kiss you good night
But lips are never enough to get you through
You stole my nights and you got your way
Now you got me dying inside , oh baby
Ebony don’t walk out on me
Listen to [...]

Bee Gees - Tokyo Nights

“You’re crossing the water
for eastern delights,
’cause now that you’re gone
I feel like a stranger in New York tonight.
And the rhythm was new to me,
Tokyo nights
well she came in the night,
and she came in the night.
And the vision was true to me,
Tokyo nights.
Well she came for the moment
and stayed till the [...]

Bee Gees - Tears

“I started out to be the man behind the scenes
Knowing I was in above my head
For all that I could see
I never saw the truth
Now I’m alone
Heaven only knows how much I’m missing you
Knowing I had heaven in my hands
And there will be tears
Tears are mixed with rain
Keeper of my [...]

Bee Gees - It’s My Neighborhood

“Don’t get too close to me,
don’t overreact,
you’re not the enemy as a matter of fact,
you got your pretty face and you got any name you wore
gonna stick by you, gonna stumble over what to do.

Bee Gees - Bodyguard

“It hurts me when you cry
when you feel the love is gone.
Don’t give up on us when you got so much to believe in.
And so I beg you please stay yeah.
Danger in the night,
a flame that never dies
in a world of lonely faces
you need someone to survive,
a love like yours [...]

Pooh - Padre del fuoco, padre del tuono, padre del nulla

“Alza la fiamma agli dei
mostra alla notte chi sei
tu non sapevi, tu sai
padre del fuoco sarai
nulla eri tu
tutto sei tu.

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