Bee Gees - One

“I feel my heartbeat,
when you run your fingers through my hair.
Yeah, I can feel you,
I can feel you by my side when you’re not there.
Yeah, Just as my life fades to darkness
you you make me see the light.
Show me that my search is over
I pay the price, I pay the [...]

Bee Gees - Ordinary Lives

“There’ll be one small light all over the world tonight.
The search will go on for the one.
It was love with no name
and we glowed in the sun.

Bee Gees - E.S.P. (Vocal Reprise)

“Dark is the night
High is the fire
Touches the sky
Love with no shape or form
I am in your mind’s eye
Just let your dreams run wild.”
Bee Gees - E.S.P. (Vocal Reprise) – 0:30
Album: E.S.P. (1987)

Bee Gees - Backtafunk

“You’re gonna fix my heart
You’re gonna free my soul
Not many learn what
The two of us can do
Or what we do it for
Sign my name
I’m gonna join your club
You give me love and there’s
Two of us to feel
Just say the word
And I’m giving my love to you
You got me backtafunk
And I’m still turning
Got me backtafunk
And I’m [...]

Pooh - Io sono il vento e quel giorno ero là

“Io sono il vento e quel giorno ero là
c’ero per caso chissà
tre giorni e tre notti d’estate restai
sogni di suono guidai.
Poi li ho guardati andare via
addio per sempre a questa gente addio
li hanno ripresi le città
il grande sogno si è diviso là.

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