Bee Gees - Crazy for Your Love

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Never get enough I’m crazy for your love
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Never get enough I’m crazy
Ice cream, couldn’t taste any better
Your bad reputation
A mission that you keep to the letter
A state of love, can drive us all insane
Why a man can stand for so [...]

Bee Gees - Overnight

“They say a fool never learns
You agree I’m not superstitious
You know unlucky as I’ve been
I’m still around
And you can tell me to go
I’ve been reading your true confessions
But then you don’t believe I’d let
This chance go by I, I…
Show me inside
Sorry that I’ve been so far away
You know I’m only human
It’s the call of the [...]

Bee Gees - Angela

“Angela, I’m still alive
Angela, I’m still alive
The sun and the sea
The darkness in the way
All the pain don’t get no better
It gets stronger every day

Bee Gees - This is Your Life

“Something that I hunger for
Something you deny
You say I’m bad for you
And baby so do I
Don’t you know that all you gotta do
You could be a lover
And baby this is
This is your life
Don’t break it
It’s who you do it for
It’s the pain and pleasure
This is your life
A victim of the law
We can talk about it
Oh, [...]

Bee Gees - The Longest Night

“You know a love so fine
So high above
Goes on forever but the road is rough
Reaching for another
As truth will show
Try to live without it
But you can’t let go

Bee Gees - Giving up the Ghost

“There’s a young girl lost
On the edge of town
Don’t see no future, it’s blind
Don’t give up
When you’re upside down
You just keep it inside…

Pooh - Tra la stazione e le stelle

“Scende la notte
e ti siedi davanti allo specchio vestita a metà
sciogli i capelli
e prepari con cura il sorriso.
Scivola lenta sul ponte
la grigia corrente di macchine e va
tutti un milione di piani
al disotto del cielo.

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