Bee Gees - Live or Die (Hold Me Like a Child)

“Take one breath, one fundamental sign of life.
Don’t look back, don’t analyze the tears you cry.
Only the strong survive the silent sacrifice,
and I, I will be your heart of steel but power has a price.
Ain’t it time that you believe in someone,
ain’t it wrong to let the years go by
standing face to face forever live [...]

Bee Gees - You Win Again

“I couldn’t figure why
You couldn’t give me what everybody needs
I shouldn’t let you kick me when I’m down
My baby
I find out everybody know that
You’ve been using me
I’m surprised you
Let me stay around you
One day I’m gonna lift the cover
And look inside your heart
We gotta level before we go
And tear this [...]

Bee Gees - E.S.P.

“Somewhere, out across the nation
Someone, waiting in the shadows
Listen, I don’t wanna hear
Return to, sender
Calling, I can see the future
Someday, signal with a single motion
Show me you believe in someone, somewhere

Pooh - Linda

“Linda acqua di sorgente
Linda calda ed innocente
ho una donna in mente e non sei tu
Linda sole dentro gli occhi
Linda prima che ti tocchi
prima che succeda tutto ascolta.

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