Bee Gees - Hold Her in Your Hand

“You got to walk a little slower when you’re with
Take the time to be tender, that’s the plan
You got to stand a little taller while her world
falls to pieces
Only then can you hold her in your hand

Bee Gees - Heart (Stop Beating in Time)

“We’re giving up on all the emptiness
I fill it up with your sweet love beside me
Ain’t no fun to be a rolling stone inside
You buy the feeling and then you pay with tears
For what it matters you go with the motion
Then out of nowhere there’s a full moon rising
And it’s mine
And every, every moment is [...]

Pooh - Storia di una lacrima

“Da una bimba e un pianto nacque lei
piena di paura e ingenuità
trasparente agli occhi si affacciò
dalle chiare ciglia venne giù
e brillando scese
lungo quel bel viso
poi volò col vento su nel cielo.

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