Pooh - Fare, sfare, dire, indovinare

“Se leggessi nel futuro
ve lo giuro
qualche cosa inventerei.
Fossi bello è un po’ discusso
starei spesso
sulle pagine di STOP.

Bee Gees - Be Who You Are

“Be who you are
Don’t ever change
The world was made to measure for your smile
So smile.
Those crazy dreams
we threw, we threw away
I never been alone with you
I never could
They say

Bee Gees - Cryin’ Everyday

“I wasn’t born to be alone that was a lesson I was shown
To know that love was just a lie
I ran away to think it over
But it’s over and I try to take a stand on what is real
Someone has shown me how to feel
I’m like a shadow in the night
I’m like a river in [...]

Bee Gees - Nothing Could Be Good

“Baby, when there’s only one embrace
one is just enough for two
When do I learn young fingers get burned
Never my love
And when ev’ryone has been a friend
Windy day we never knew
Now nothing can stand the way it was planned
No, baby
Nothing could be good as
Nothing could be good as lovin’ you
Even tho you’re far away
You’re movie plays [...]

Bee Gees - Wildflower

Sacrifice everything in a wonderland that you know
It’s crazy that I’m clear out of my mind
A wonderful place to be
Sweet as the morning light
if I blink an eye will you go
I’m starting to care much more then I dare
A wonderful thing to see
And what do we know

Bee Gees - I Still Love You

“Close your eyes do what you wanna
Baby how can I wait much longer
Make it hard to believe it happened to me
Morning comes too late tomorrow
All you lose is the dream you borrow
All you got is a soul that’s born to be free
and cries to the wind

Pooh - Pierre

“Penso a te
nei tempi della scuola con noi
sottile pallido un po’ perso
tu gia da noi cosi’ diverso

Pooh - Gitano

“Io sono qui
non ho più il passaporto
la gente mia
mi ha dichiarato perso
e il mio violino l’han spezzato già.

Pooh - Rock’Nd Roll

vento nella mente
senso ad un’età
che non contava proprio niente.
Sempre sorridenti
dietro gli strumenti
nuovi strani eroi
li accettammo in fretta noi.

Pooh - Un Posto Sulla Strada

“La bambina bionda di città
guarda l’orizzonte e sogna l’Africa
sulla torre bianca
è immobile ad aspettare
che il rovente sole tocchi il mare.

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