Bee Gees - Soldiers

“I memorize, I walk in line
carry my sacrifice for the sake of the millions
All night you be the light on the water
You be the pride and the sorrow
Shower your love to me there
Summer died before the rain
Unify every soul together be lonely
Ride on follow me to the sunrise
Save me the world that is broken
Nothing but [...]

Bee Gees - Don’t Fall in Love with Me

“Don’t fall in love with me baby
it’s a love that just won’t last
Your eyes are lookin’ out at the future
but you see the past
You know love was made for a dreamer
but when the dream is out of sight

Bee Gees - Paradise

“Lonely people gathering there to be one
Gonna be the last time wasted
Gonna be seen to be gone
Run a mile for the minute
Gonna mind another day without you in it

Bee Gees - He’s a Liar

“I was stunned by the light as I looked through your window
With the greatest intention not meaning to see
I was there in the dark, and I saw you together
You were up in his arms, I was down on my knees

Bee Gees - Living Eyes

“Would you believe me if I told you your tomorrow is my yesterday
But be alive
I know that we will
The world keeps on moving but I’m holdin’ still

Pooh - Una Storia Che Fa Ridere

“Via di qui per favore via
non saprei controllarmi più
caro amico guarda ascoltami
fa che tu, fa che lei non vi veda più.
Pensa un po’
lo sapevo già
e cosi non mi importa più
molti errori avete fatto a voi
lei lo so che cos’è m’hai stupito tu.

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