Bee Gees - Baby as You Turn Away

“Here am I one sad and lonely guy,
One shadow of the man I used to be.
Now it’s past, the love I thought would last,
You thought I had you chained,
And now you’re free.

Bee Gees - Edge of the Universe

“Just my dog and I
at the edge of the universe.
Well, I didn’t wanna bring her
and I know it’ll make her worse.

Bee Gees - Come on Over

“If my life gets like a jig saw
with the pieces out of place,
come on over,
put a smile back on my face.

Bee Gees - Country Lanes

“So warm is my morning sun, red is my rainbow
Soft is the cool summer breeze when I saw your face
I saw the light in your eyes so dark and demanding
Like a light in the storm

Bee Gees - All This Making Love

“About an hour or more, when I go upstairs, you can
read between the lines
I can make it to the top, but then I gotta stop
But I’m all right, I’m really fine
It’s just the wine and all this making love
In a day or so, it’ll really show, gonna wear me to the ground
It’s just the way [...]

Bee Gees - Fanny (Be Tender with My Love)

“First I rise. Then I fall.
Seems like you don’t want
The love of this man at all.
And it’s sure been a lonely time
Right up to the time I met you.

Bee Gees - Songbird

“Go on with your song, bird, you can’t go wrong bird
You will go on and on, bird, like you did before
Though your wings are broken the sky is so wide open
And the wind is waiting for you like an open door

Bee Gees - Wind of Change

“In the streets of New York City
ev’ry man can feel the cold.
And I don’t want no pity,
but I want my story told.

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