Bee Gees - Sweet Song of Summer

“La da da da,da da da da da,da da da da da, da da da
I can feel you sweet song of summer
Your music comforts my lonely reign
I can hear you in evil darkness
That empty feeling, I’m near you again.
I am your forever and this I emphasize
Your never ending hurting and criticize

Bee Gees - Road to Alaska

“I’m on the road to Alaska, nowhere near Nebraska,
but I’m sure if I asked her she’ll know.
I ain’t got no Honey, I’m so short of money.
I really really wanna go home.
I dialed Oklahoma, made attempts to phone her,
gave up when I got no reply.

Bee Gees - Alive

“Maybe you talk too high, man
Maybe I talk too slow
But you’ve got to live a little bit faster
‘Cause you’ve got a little less time to go

Bee Gees - You Know It’s for You

“I will die for you
I have cried for you, believe me girl
Don’t you think it’s time you made up your own mind?
All my love’s for you
All I do’s for you
Still I think it’s time you made up your own mind

Bee Gees - Bad Bad Dreams

“I’ve got a notion
to live in an ocean
of bad, bad dreams.
No consolation
to mixed conversation
in bad, bad dreams.
You know we’re all alike.
We can shout and scream and yell all night.
It’s just a bad, bad dream.
Feel like I’m crying,
there’s no use denying,
it’s all been done.

Bee Gees - Sea of Smiling Faces

“Yesterday was history who knows what there is gonna be when we meet again
Will you smile and tell the world about me
Can there be no doubt about me I was your friend
As I gaze upon a sea of smiling faces
Walk amongst the glow of moonlit places
The look in your eyes, to see your smile
Won’t bring [...]

Bee Gees - Please Don’t Turn out the Lights

“Every time I need reality, yeah
In jeopardy of losing all of me
I just am not stronger
Life don’t last so long so baby
If you turned out the lights
If you turned out the lights
Please don’t turn out the lights
Please don’t turn out the lights
Turn out the lights

Bee Gees - I Held a Party

“I held a party and nobody came
Strangely I was upset
Poured out a drink and then Birkworth approached
“Have no regrets. Maybe your gentle friends had
some delay.
Don’t try to take on the world”

Bee Gees - I Can Bring Love

“I can make the sun shine out of the heavens
Sweet love, love you forever
Just wait until the sun’s on your pillow
I can bring love ’cause that’s all I’ve got
I can bring love ’cause that’s all I’ve got
I can change the whole world if you are near me
No tears if you can hear me
Just wait until [...]

Bee Gees - Paper Mache, Cabbages and Kings

“Na na na na na na na na na
Paper mache and telegraph poles
Things go dead in the night
Make enough noise to make enough noise
To make you want to jump with fright
Elephant’s tusks and autograph books, people you don’t meet
Haven’t got a bed to lay my head, shoes to fit my feet
Don’t be scared
You’re better off [...]

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