ВИА Гра / VIA Gra - Океан и три реки / Ocean and three rivers

“Послушай, это недолго, и беги себе, беги.
Слушаю, слушаю, слушаю жадно,
Не спеша, не дыша и деликатно.
Из неба смело, и гордо вытекали три реки
Неверо-, неверо-, невероятно,
Круто, но путано и непонятно.

Серебро / Serebro - Under Pressure / Под давлением

I wanna to be bad now!
Get the time…
I feel it from the inside
You’d better turn off the light
And keep on doing it right
I’m stock in my obsession
You don’t need my direction
Just give me the affection

Серебро / Serebro - Дыши / Breath

“Ты - из моей мечты
Сделан из воды, таешь по краям
Я - тайну отдала
И тебя звала, сколько я могла
Не молчи, - не остынет кровь,
В ней моя любовь…
Дыши со мной
Отражая тени - мы танцуем под водой
Дыши со мной
Может быть, когда-то мы увидимся с тобой
Нет, больше ничего
Кроме одного, вздоха твоего
Мы, уплывём туда
Где [...]

Серебро / Serebro - Song #1 / Песня № 1

“It’s a dirty money track, Yeah,
Girls kick the flow!
Listen to me
All my girls get ready
We’ll make it easy

Bee Gees - Walking Back to Waterloo

“I wish there was another year another time.
When people sang and poems rhymed.
My name could be Napoleon.
A thousand ships.
A windy sail, so huge and high it’s tall enough to touch the sky.
It’s beautiful but hard to find.
But I just wasn’t born in time.

Bee Gees - Lion in Winter

“Lion in my winter.
I’m a lion with no crown.
You wanna make me big man, a star on a screen.
Some kind of James Brown or something in between.
But when I ask for money you smother me in charms.
I can’t live on glory when your bendin’ both my arms.
I, I was a lion in winter.
And man I [...]

Bee Gees - Dearest

“I hear you calling me ‘dearest’ too.
My dearest, I’m nearest, then I’ve ever been before
to have you calling me ‘dearest’ once more.
My dearest, this picture, my own memory.
Wishing this picture was reality.

Bee Gees - When Do I

“Tell me if dreams do come true.
If so then I know that I’m losing you.
And you know the address where we live.
But I swear there’ll be no turning back to you
I won’t forgive.

Bee Gees - Don’t Wanna Live Inside Myself

“I am the searcher of my fortunes
I’ve got my right hand on the wheel
We’ve got to dig the buried treasures
I know, exactly how I feel

Bee Gees - Trafalgar

“I rolled into the smoke and there I lost my hope
I need someone to know me and to show me
The square peg fits the hole
Why haven’t I been told?
I need someone to know me and to show me
Trafalgar, Trafalgar, Trafalgar, please don’t let me down

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