Bee Gees - I’m Weeping

“When I was 10 years old, my parents were poor
Our house was so cold
And I was still in school and learning
And then I never really got too far
And ev’ryone we knew had money
And driving a car, and driving a car

Bee Gees - Every Second, Every Minute

“Send out your invitations
There’s gonna be a party goin’ on
We’ll meet you at the station
You know the race has just begun
If you don’t know that i was born to hold you
Then i’m gonna tell ya loud and clear ‘baby i love ya’
Ev’ry second, ev’ry minute, ev’ry hour, ev’ry day of [...]

Bee Gees - Lay It On Me

“Don’t you drink with me ‘cos you know that I’m a loser
And I’m proud of that fact as you can plainly see
Never did what people said, I should’ve
I’m just a low down critter who never did any good
I’m just a low down critter who never did any good

Bee Gees - Tell Me Why

“If you think that you can hurt me
and make my cry,
tell me why, tell me why,
tell me why.
And if you think that you can hurt me
with lies that cry,
tell me why, tell me why,
tell me why.
Now I’ve got my reasons
for feeling this way,
day after day
and as nights go by.

Bee Gees - Alone Again

“Leaving” that’s all you ever seem to say and I’m tired
The wants you have me for have expired
Sleeping and reading ev’ry book I can find to get my mind off
In all I was a soul you were using
I am alone again
You can’t believe the tears that I’ve shed
I’m on a bound down train
Don’t desert me [...]

Bee Gees - Lonely Days

“Good morning mister sunshine, you brighten up my day.
Come sit beside me in your way.
I see you every morning, outside the restaurants,
The music plays so nonchalant.

Bee Gees - The 1st Mistake I Made

“I ain’t got no claim to nothing,
I don’t mess with anyone,
I walk my way
living in a masquerade.
And one day I looked behind me
at all the things I’ve done,
that’s the first mistake
I ever made.
I was born to a lonely woman
in a town called Buffalo.
Never knew the man
who never stayed.

Bee Gees - Back Home

“Took a plane to Cairo
Then a Cessna to Rome
I got hijacked to Tel Aviv
And it’s the first time that I’ve flown
But I’ve found my Shangri-la
In a place that’s not too far , back home
Took a train to Jordan
And to Texas and back
I met Lyndon B. Johnson and I felt his hand on my back

Bee Gees - Sincere Relation

“George was born somewhere inside London town
Working as he grew for that extra pound.
Respected by all he married and made a home.
To give his children more then he had known.
But then he died with out an explanation.
He never lied, a very sincere relation.

Bee Gees - Man For All Seasons

“Everybody wants to leave
Just like you and I
I have all year to smile
A tear for every eye
Life closed it’s eyes, broke my world, now I cry
I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got the reasons
‘Cause I’m a man, a man for all seasons, alive
And would I pray
What makes the world go round
I haven’t got today
My mind [...]

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