Bee Gees - Kiss of Life

“Never more aware of what you do
I got you leavin’ me and missing you
And me believing that you’ve never done right
When you’ve never done wrong

Bee Gees - Happy Ever After

“Though I know it’s time to take you home
Baby you and I are all alone
We should take a moment of our own
And look what we’ve got
You could destroy this heart of mine
I’m only trying to get by
Hiding in the shadows of the night
Holding you and knowing the wrong is right

Bee Gees - Paying the Price of Love

“How did you find there was somebody
More than you want me
I never understood
Maybe I have never had you
But I have been lonely for you lately
I can’t wait another day
And when you let me get you close to me
You run and leave me

Bee Gees - Evolution

“There’s a law in what we do
We got a quest for something new
Everything you witness seems to
Let you down
If someone gets you from behind
I got an open mind
And you’ve been thirsty for the friend you found
Close your eyes and make a wish
I don’t wanna mess with mother nature
Knowing that you’re mine
You said I could see
You [...]

Bee Gees - True Confessions

“I’m not the one in search of friction
I’m not the one to look for fights
When it gets down to me and you
I think it over twice
We sing the same song
With it all subject to change
There is another place in time, girl
You and I will meet again
I saw the signs I never knew
Didn’t have enough on [...]

Bee Gees - Human Sacrifice

“I see she knowing what I came here for
Get a little of your woman infestation
If I can pinpoint this feeling
When you gonna let it grow
We can draw the line on where we
Let the fingers go
Now I know me
Never wanna lose control
Making me the subject
Of your warm initiation
If I can pinpoint this feeling
When you gonna let [...]

Pooh - Il ragazzo del cielo / Парень с небес

“E, la luna silenziosa
fu, stupita fu curiosa,
ma tu chi sei, perché tu sai volare?
Così parlò, la luna all’aviatore.
Sai, quant’è lontano il mondo
sai, quant’è profondo il mare
rispose lui: io devo attraversare
aiutami, non farmi addormentare.

Bee Gees - When He’s Gone

“Stormy nights, I’ve been waiting
Satisfy you, oh yeah
But his love is just a game
And he’s sellng you the same old lies

Pooh - Classe ‘58

“Un biglietto del tram
mille lire di film
e così
se ne va
la tua libera uscita il
tuo colpo di vita in città
se ne va
Sotto la luna
le donne tra i fuochi di gomme
di periferia
al tuo sguardo di gatto
sperduto han sorriso e han risposto:
ragazzo fa presto
e ora torni a dormire con gli altri
col cuore per [...]

Pooh - Incredibilmente giù

“Mi sentivo incredibilmente giù,
te ne andavi improvvisamente tu
e non c’era assolutamente più
niente al mondo da fare così

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