Wet wet wet - What Do You Know

“And easy come and easy go
When you’re young you just don’t know
What the world is gonna give you
And even though you give it up
Lose your way up to the top
You feel that life still owes you
You’re chasing rainbows and you throw your heart away
You think you found it but you still don’t know the way
What [...]

Wet wet wet - New Age Sacrifice

“You all know me but I don’t know you
I’m everything your hearts desire
‘Cos I’m special, people tell me so
And I just want to let you know
That the world is watching me
Flick the switch to my reality
Hope I’m everything you want me to be
‘Cos I’m a new age sacrifice, new age sacrifice
Look at the speed of [...]

Wet wet wet - Heaven

“She don’t know
What she’s started now
Velvet touch, words like a sharpened knife
That cuts me deep inside, deep inside
And I’m falling down
I’m hanging on every word I’m hearing
God only knows if she really means them
But it feels like Heaven (Feels like Heaven, don’t you know)
It feels like Heaven now (Feels like Heaven, don’t you know)
She don’t [...]

Wet wet wet - I Believe

“Look at me, I’m not the man I used to be
Can’t you see, I’m not the one to set you free
I see a vision and it’s coming to me
Like something religious
I’m burning up but I’m cold inside
This is hell and not paradise
‘Cos I believe that nothing’s gonna last forever
I believe that nothing’s gonna last
Nothing’s gonna [...]

Wet wet wet - Too Many People

“He took one step over the line
He didn’t know what he would find
It’s just a matter of time
He’s gonna blow his mind
He tells you this he’s telling you that
He’s been lying behind your back
You gotta face the facts
He don’t know his mind

Wet wet wet - In Every Heart (A Fire Burns)

“I can hear the sound of crying in the air
I can see the tears have fallen everywhere
In every heart a fire burns
And melts my pain away

Wet wet wet - Eyes Wide Open


“Blue skies, I see it in your eyes
I’m paralysed and caught in your web
You tell me true lies, you’re telling new lies
I’m hypnotized, under your spell

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