Dinah Shore - Blue Canary / Грустная Канарейка

“Blue canary, she feels so blue
She cries and sighs, she waits for you
Blue canary, the whole day long
She cries and tries to sing a song

Vincent C. Fiorino - Blue Canary / Грустная Канарейка

“Blue canary di ramo in ramo,
Gorgheggi al vento il tuo richiamo.
Blue canary attend’ invano
Che torni al nido chi andò lontano.

Blackmore’s Night discography / Дискография

Album: Shadow of the Moon / Тень от луны (1997)
All songs are by Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night, except where noted.
1. Shadow of the Moon – 5:06
2. The Clock Ticks On (traditional by Tielman Susato) – 5:15
3. Be Mine Tonight – 2:51
4. Play, Minstrel, Play (traditional by Pierre Attaingnant) – 3:59
5. Ocean Gypsy (Michael Dunford, [...]

Wet wet wet - Fool for Your Love

“And I heard a story all about you
That you never started
And maybe I can learn to give my cheek another turn
And so I’ll drink your point of view
Blur my vision my feelings too
Sometimes I don’t see, what your giving means to me
She’s acting strangely,
And says her whole world is starting to turn
She’s got a broken [...]

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