Blackmore`s Night - Vagabond (Make A Princess of Me)


“There’s many a crooked path
That has ended me here
Tired, broken and wearing rags
Wild eyed with fear

There’s much more to this vagabond
Than the eye can see
You can see me through different eyes
Make a princess of me

Door to door with a heavy heart
Try to stave off the cold
In the distance a gypsy cart
Filled with thieves and rogues

Sing for supper and sing for pence
A song’s all I have to give
With a fiddle and with no rest
Singing only to live

Through the window a golden glow
Families gather round
Here outside it starts to snow
Silence the only sound.”

Blackmore`s Night - Vagabond (Make A Princess of Me)
Album: Autumn Sky (2010)

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