Blackmore`s Night - Journeyman (Vandraren)

“Many years I’ve been away from home
I have faced too many battles
I was here upon the endless route
has left me bruised and batted

I have heard the secrets of the streets
but I keep them to myself
On display, but here inside my soul
like a trophy on a shelf

End upon my heart I know
the moon will light my way
Ohh my friend, the winding route
for the life of a journeyman never changes

Now upon to tell my tale
My boots are wearing thin
I can feel the heat upon my back
The sun against my skin

Far away I’ve heard
the ringing of a bell
Through the miles you know what’s hard to tell
when it’s you against yourself

None of us will ever know
What lies around the veil
Or the world being your home
on a route that never ends.”

Blackmore`s Night - Journeyman (Vandraren)
Album: Autumn Sky (2010)

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