Wet wet wet - If I Never See You Again

“The morning light comes stealing
To start a new day
Out there the world is waiting
To take us far away
And it’s time to make
The final break
But the memory will linger forever

Bee Gees - Turn of the Century

“Everythings Happening
At The Turn Of The Cent’ry
I’m Gonna Buy Myself A Time Machine
Go To The Turn Of The Century
And All Those People Passing By
And The Town Crier Makes His Cry
At The Turn Of The Century,
Turn Of The Century

Bee Gees - Glass House

“Glass house, that once was mine, the sun will
shine in on me You, change your mind, you weren’t
the kind to live on me I remember yesterday, turn
my tears to laugher Then you left and like a
stray, I came running after

Bee Gees - Born a Man

“When I was just a little boy, when I didnt know
My daddy put me n his knee and showed me the way to go
He said a woman will do her best to make a fool out of you
So be a man and stand the test and see what you can [...]

Bee Gees - Where are You?

“Where are you (where are you)
Night is day and day is night
Where are you (where are you)
Need you girl you’re not in sight
Our love would grow, but you leave and I know
that you don’t love me (where are you)
I need you girl, you’re not in sight
I told you (I told you)
I was never coming back-ah
You [...]

Bee Gees - Tint of Blue

“A tint of blue, deep down inside my heart, each time I see you
It would take a lot to ease my pain from all these chains
A tint of red, each time I see you with another
Just because I was your lover, jealous I
I get so angry I could cry

Bee Gees - Jingle Jangle

“Jingle jangle, my love wears silvery bangles
She likes to wander and that’s why I’m under
the spell of her jingle jangle
We used to cry on each others shoulder
Now that I’m older, she wanders ahead
Now that she’s found love, I still hear the sound of
silvery bangles, remain in my head

Bee Gees - Spicks and Specks

“Where is the sun
That shone on my head
The sun in my life
It is dead
it is dead
Where is the light
That would play
In my streets
And where are the friends
I could meet
I could meet

Bee Gees - Big Chance

“People in their pride believe it’s easier for them to leave
their problems in the arms of others, running to their mothers
Lasting love is such a funny thing
When you’re in love you’re on the wings
You’re not in love, it’s good for you
’cause you can do the things you want to do

Bee Gees - I Don’t Know Why I Bother with Myself

“I’m a fool, I’ve taken no advice
And I’m so cruel, I’m talkin’ to you nice
But then again you may not take me back
Oh just to put my hat back on your rack
Guess I don’t know why I bother with myself

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