Bee Gees - Monday’s Rain

“I can see the sun shinin’ down on me
Is it you my love that I can see
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me walk to Monday’s
rain (Monday’s rain)
to Monday’s rain (Monday’s rain)

Bee Gees - Follow The Wind

“I’m so weary from holding this load
But it’s only, love for you, that I walk this lonely road
I must follow the wind, follow the wind
And the wind will take me hold before the cold

Bee Gees - You Wouldn’t Know

“Come a bit close to me, let me be kissed
Come on and give to me what I have missed
I love you women. I know that I’ll get you somehow
You wouldn’t know if I hadn’t told you so
You wouldn’t know if I hadn’t told you so, oh
Well, I’m telling you now

Bee Gees - Take Hold of That Star

“Take hold of that star, I give to you
And tell me that you love me
Just as I love you la la la la
Take hold of that star , and put it in your locket
And tell me that you love me
Just as I love you la la la la

Bee Gees - Peace of Mind

Some may find peace of mind lovin’ a girl like you
But I can say , in your way , you only make me blue
Some may say , you don’t play , you have a heart that’s true
But can they believe what you say
You only make me blue

Bee Gees - Don’t Say Goodbye

“Please believe me , I will never be untrue
And don’t believe the jealous lies they told to you
Oh no , don’t go , don’t make this poor boy cry
I’ll be true , I beg of you , don’t say goodbye

Wet wet wet - Love is My Shepherd

“When love is my shepherd,
He leads me down,
To where troubled water
Sprung up from the ground
I found the answer
Now it seems so clear
When I see your face
I can’t help but trace
That love is my shepherd
When you are here
I’ve lived in the darkness
I’ve been thru the mill,
I craved the attention
The choked on the thrill.

Zucchero - Chocabeck / Клювощёлк

“Noi faremo l’amore
Tre nel cielo e due nel sole!
Noi faremo l’amore
Dentro il mare e dentro il pane.
Nella bocca e negli occhi, far l’amore nelle mani.
E nei baci e nei cuori, fiori a far così…
Uuuh Uuuh Uuuh

Zucchero - Un Uovo Sodo

“I’ve got a feeling
Che sono solo
Nemmeno il cielo, sa di me
Quando ho il sereno o quando piovo
un uovo sodo, senza te
non c’è più un posto per me
se non c’è un posto dentro al tuo cuore
sono appeso a un filo per te
steso fuori che asciugo

Zucchero - Oltre Le Rive / За берегами

“So che verrai di neve lieve
e vestirai l’aria di sogni
So che verrai,
pace nell’alba,
negli occhi miei, dentro i miei giorni…

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