Zucchero - E’ un peccato morir

“Gloria a te nell’aria
Quale tu sia
Solo uno, solo o in compagnia
Ma la vecchia storia
Yeah yeah è un peccato morir…

Zucchero - Papà Por Què

“Por què papà papà por què,
mi sangre no se hace vino.
Por què papà papà por què,
no tengo espìritu divino.
Y por què estoy exhausto
como si fuese en viaje por siempre
vagando por la calles de un lado
a otro asì inutilmente.
Y hoy siento el mismo blues,
lo veo en mis ojos
hay siempre el mismo blues
en este cielo
me siento un [...]

Zucchero - My love

“Stray cat in amad dog city
Nine ways to sorrow
A moment’s all it takes to say goodbye
I’m waiting
Wild cat in a sad dog story
Nine roads to follow
A moment’s all it takes to say goodbye

Zucchero - Feels like a woman

“This is a man
Who needs a woman
I’m not afraid to say why I feel
I’ll never be unfaithful
I’ve been wrong, and lived the lonely nights
Silence is loud
Without her whispers
My body craves her touch

Zucchero - Come back the sun

“A small town Romeo, kicking cans down the street
the coca-cola van broke down in the heat
the girls in colored dresses
they seem to laugh as they run
but you dream of her only sweet caresses
Come back the sun
and we will be like children
come back the sun
make us into children
The black and white of summer and the golden [...]

Zucchero - You’ve Chosen Me (Hai scelto me)

“You’ve chosen me,
Oh no….
When it happens
I’ve chosen you
I don’t know
When it happens
Changes my life to a love song
This love is so strong
You’ve chosen me
And now that I, I’ve…..
I’ve chosen you
Oh, oh, my love
Let it happen
Changing my life to a love song
Changing my life to a love song
This road is so long
I’m a runaway train going [...]

Zucchero - Dunes of Mercy (Dune mosse)

“Take my soul and my sorrow
I’ve been losing my mind
Take my soul in my sorrow
Walking on, dunes of mercy
Don’t cry, oh no
Joy, will dry your tears
And misery
Make it disappear, oooh…
Take my soul and my sorrow
Like a babe at your breast now
Take my soul and my forrow
Rolling on, dunes of mercy
Don’t cry, oh no
Joy, you’re not [...]

Zucchero - Mama (Madre dolcissima)

“Nothin’ is shakin’
Nothin’ but me and the rent
Jesus is breaking
Why’m I back here again?

Zucchero - Wonderful World (english version feat. Eric Clapton)

“I tell ya brother, man shit happens
by the way, howzit with you?
Check out the kid, finger on the button
oh yeah, it’s a wonderful world, huh
When every night, things are getting grimmer
And all your dreams seem dumb and absurd
You need a light, shinin how to tell you
Oh yeah, it’s a wonderful world
I’ll be leaving in the [...]

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